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Read what audience members have to say about
Richard Dowling's memorable performances!
"Thank you for the most wonderful concert ever performed at Searstone. Your choice of classical music and the
joy you project made the concert so very special."
-- Caroline F., Cary, NC

"Richard Dowling provided us with a remarkable evening of music. His obvious musical talent was truly
appreciated by the many music-lovers in the audience, but his personal charm won them over for life! Richard
obviously loves sharing his music. And his audience loved him for it."
-- V.K., Lacy, WA

"Your recital was such a treat for me. Bless you for the sheer joy you bring to others, not only through your
musical talent but your marvelous ability to make it all come alive and to be such fun. I felt as though I'd been
given a dose of a 'magic tonic' sure I smiled all the way home."
-- Bess P., The Woodlands, TX

"I so appreciated the beauty, swettness, and thoroughly moving presentation of music which you performed at
the Seattle Public Libary. I spoke to you very briefly after the concert buy my heart was so overflowing that I
could not say all that I was feeling. I feel quite certain that if Rubinstein or Horowitz had been at your concert he
would have said 'Now
that is music!'"
-- Rodger W., Seattle, WA

"All of us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in your audience Friday evening greatly appreciate your
wonderful concert presented for the patrons of the museum. The program was perfectly selected and elegantly
played, and I was especially impressed with your sensitive handling of our 1893 Bechstein piano. I want you to
know how well the piano sounds under such capable hands. I look forward to hearing you again."
-- Laurence L., New York, NY

"I just wanted to say how wonderfully I thought you played last night. The Chopin was absolutely excellent! It
was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had for a long time. Thanks!"
-- Simon Y., New York, NY

"I'm at a loss for words to describe how wonderful your music is. Thanks for including us in your schedule."
-- Barbara B., Palestine, TX

"The concert was just wonderful. I'm still getting calls and notes about it."
-- Lois L., Palestine, TX

"I have received wonderful letters from folks who commented on your ability to deliver an outstanding
performance on that absolutely horrible piano-like object. The music was so splendid and the joy in the room
was almost tangible."
-- Adele D., Alexandria, VA

"Everyone at Whitney Center is searching for new superlatives to describe your concert last Sunday. So am I!"
-- Ward D., Hamden, CT

"Words are inadequate to express how much we enjoyed your performance in Helena Friday night. I feel so
fortunate to have been there for it. I shall not give up hope of having you perform in Memphis some day!"
-- Peg H., Memphis, TN

"We have enjoyed playing both of your CDs. You are indeed a gifted young man and I know your perfomances
provide great pleasure for many people. We shall hope to see you come this way again soon."
-- Louise L., Laurinburg, NC

"Thanks for a wonderful evening last Friday. Your concert was outstanding!! Honestly, I can't remember when I
have had such a great time."
-- Kirk W., Helena, AR

"Your concert was absolutely marvelous. I could become a 'Dowling groupie!' I hope you will come back to us
-- Nina H., Helena, AR

"I just wanted to put in writing my gratitude to you for having introduced me to Richard Dowling. Richard
played so very stylishly in the music of George Gershwin [Concerto in F] this past week! He was also a fine
colleague; it was for me like making chamber music in the most ideal sense of the word. I hope to be able to
collaborate with him again in the future."
-- Tom C., Charleston, WV

"I just want to try to express to you the JOY you brought into my life last night when you performed at the
library. I always attend the Masterworks Series but yours was the best above all, by far! The pieces you played
were each a pleasure to enjoy. You can certainly tell you have spent a lifetime in your work. It must be so
wonderful to be able to do what you love. I know you give of yourself to others and last night it was a beautiful
gift to me. I attend many performances at Bass Hall, but if I had a choice to go to the Cliburn Competition, or to
be where I was this Thursday night past and the intimacy of that, I would choose your performance."
-- Donna P., Hurst, TX

"I was really impressed with your performance. It was outstanding. You played with exceptional skill and
-- Martha C., Oklahoma City, OK

"You gave the most wonderful performance last Sunday evening in the William Paca House garden. You
managed to win an audience here. We hope you will want to come back. You were incredible."
-- Katherine M., Annapolis, MD

"Richard Dowling really is an extraordinary talent, intelligent, very musical with fantastic technique. Reminds
me of a young Philippe Entremont. If you need a soloist and want to give an up and coming artist a shot, I can
highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed."
-- Fred B., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"We are still talking about your spectacular recital! Wow! The programming was excellent. I am delighted that
the many young 'first recital' attendees were quiet...that's because you certainly had their attention. I hope that
we are able to work with you again."
-- Lucy A., Clear Lake City, TX

"I've never heard our audience so enthusiastic! All of us at the Plainfield Symphony are most appreciative. I hope
we can engage you again soon."
-- Tim E., Plainfield, NJ

"Last night I heard your remarkable concert. I came early and sat where I could see what you were doing. I have
to explain that as a rule I do not like classical music. But your concert was an exception-- I enjoyed every minute
of it, and I want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing and the quality of the work you presented.
Please do not give up your task of providing wonderful music to others."
-- Martha T., Houston, TX

"The tour guides, our house manager, and especially myself want to thank you for such a delightful afternoon
with us at Nottoway Plantation and entertaining us with your beautiful piano music. We also appreciate your
sharing your knowledge of piano history and our antique instruments. We wi
ll never forget your visit and hope
you will return again. Many, many thanks!"
-- Janet B., White Castle, LA

"Thank you so much for coming and sharing your wonderful talent with us. It had been so long since I heard any
real piano recital, I almost forgot how inspiring they can be. I've been practicing much more than I have in a
longtime (my mother wants to know if you can come once a quarter?? Ha ha!). The students who were able to
come were all very excited-- some of them have probably never been to a real concert, so the experience was
exciting for them. Thanks for the inspiration."
-- Karen L., Laurinburg, NC

"On behalf of the Friends of the Wilmington Symphony, I would like to extend our warmest thanks for your
performance. I have had such positive feedback and everyone was bowled over by your performance. Best
wishes for your continued success."
-- Elizabeth R., Wilmington, NC

"What a wonderful time we had on Friday with Mr. Dowling. Thank you so much for allowing our school to
participate in such an event. The children really enjoyed every minute of the concert. Everyone learned so much.
We are preparing an article with pictures for the newspaper. We want everyone to know that we had a great
time with the extremely talented Richard Dowling."
-- Sharron R., Crockett, TX

"I want to thank you for your fabulous concert last weekend. It was truly an unforgettable evening, with your
incredible playing, the unusual and exciting program and your most interesting introductions. You certainly did
give us, 'a superb recital that left the audience craving for more at the end!' Looking forward to having you back
very soon."
-- Marjorie G., New Orleans, LA

"Our students obviously loved working with you and judging by their performance today, made great strides in
their pianism. Your recital was beautiful and communicated to all of us there. It is so important for students to
have a role model and we couldn't have found a better one than you!"
-- Mary Ann C., Houston, TX

"As usual, your performance was really fine. You have a nice way with Brahms' music and several people in
attendance commented on the strength and sensitivity you brought to your performance."
-- Werner R., College Station, TX

"I would like to express our thanks for presenting the discussion on memory skills and your outstanding piano
program. The techniques you discussed will be most helpful. It was a pleasure to hear such artistry."
-- Sally J., Tulsa, OK

"Your performance with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra last evening was truly an outstanding one and a
wonder finale for our season. Thank you so much for your contribution to a wonderful evening for us and our
concert goers. You were a warm and gracious performer and added a touch of grandeur to our program. The
comments from the audience have been glowing and many have expressed the hope that you can return as a
guest performer for another concert in a future season."
-- Carlana F., Lawton, OK

"We have been told repeatedly of the wonderful performance you gave with the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra
and we thank you. I must tell you that the public response regarding your performance has been most
-- Susan S., Abilene, TX
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