Ragtime Music and Songs from
Turn-of-the-Century New York
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Label: Museum Music
Release Date:  September 2010
Catalog Number:  MM161
1.  The Harlem Rag - Tom Turpin
2.  The Sidewalks of New York - Charles B. Lawlor
3.  Castle House Rag - James Reese Europe
4.  42nd Street Strut * - Albert Von Tilzer
5.  Steeplechase Rag - James P. Johnson
6.  That Chinatown Rag * - George W. Meyer
7.  Bowery Buck - Tom Turpin
8.  That Broadway Glide * - Bert Grant
9.  That Subway Rag * - Don Heath
10. By the Beautiful Sea - Harry Carroll
11. Wall Street Rag - Scott Joplin
12. Give My Regards to Broadway - George M. Cohan
13. Manhattan Rag * - Fred Brownold
14. Brighton Beach Rag * - William Becker
15. Ziegfeld Follies Rag * - Dave Stamper
16. The Streets of New York - Victor Herbert
17. New York Rag * - George C. Durgan
18. Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Albert Von Tilzer
19. Manhattan Rag * - Edwin F. Kendall
20. Chinatown, My Chinatown - Jean Schwartz
21. Broadway Rag - James Scott
22. The Subway Glide * -Theodore Norman
23. The Broadway Blues * - Carey Morgan
24. New York and Coney Island Cycle March Two Step * - E. T. Paull

World premiere or first modern recording

Total running time: 60:20
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Album Description
Steinway Artist Richard Dowling performs a delightful collection of
turn-of-the-century ragtime tunes and familiar popular songs inspired by The Big
American Record Guide described this recording as "an attractive love letter to
old New York and an excellent introduction to a vital aspect of American culture."
Several selections have never previously been heard on record and are world
premieres. Recorded on a Hamburg Steinway concert grand piano at historic Steinway
Hall on West 57th Street in New York City.
Recorded June 28-29, 2010 in the Henry Z. Steinway Room at Steinway Hall, 109 West
57 Street, New York, NY

Produced by David M. Somlyo, Museum Music
Engineer: Paul Vazquez
Cover Design: Mark Weinberg

Piano:  Hamburg Steinway CD 187
Cover Photo:  
Times Square at Night, 1921 Brown Brothers
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Liner Notes
Editorial Reviews
American Record Guide (Jack Sullivan)
"This collection of Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, ragtime, patriotic tunes, and other
turn-of-the-century New York genres is distinguished by its sumptuous musicality.
Richard Dowling eschews the punchy pseudo-piano roll approach used by so many
contemporary pianists in this material. His touch is smooth and graceful, his rolled
chords juicy, his tone never bangy. His rubato is free and stylish but not exaggerated.
Trills and other ornaments have a bell-like ring. This was recorded in Steinway Hall
and produced by the Museum of the City of New York; it has a warm ambiance that
matches Dowling's approach. This is an attractive love letter to old New York and an
excellent introduction to a vital aspect of American culture."

Roberta on the Arts (Roberta Zlokower)
"This solo piano CD by Richard Dowling is a fantastic trip down memory lane with
what could be silent film soundtracts, July 4th marching band music, vaudeville
flapper girl tunes, and song and dance fun in old New York saloons. Mr. Dowling
rolling rhythms."
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Richard Dowling performing a solo recital of selections from City
of New York. (October 4, 2010)