Richard Dowling & Frederick Hodges, duo-pianists
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Label: Rivermont Records
Release Date:  November 13, 2013
Catalog Number:  BSW-2227
1 . Rhapsody in Blue
2. Concerto in F: 1. Allegro
3. Concerto in F: 2. Adagio -
Andante con moto
4. Concerto in F: 3. Allegro agitato
I Got Rhythm Variations
Porgy and Bess Fantasy for Two
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Album Description
Pianists Richard Dowling and Frederick Hodges play George Gershwin's most famous
works in brilliant, virtuosic arrangements for two pianos. From
Rhapsody in Blue to
the complete
Concerto in F to the dazzling "I Got Rhythm" Variations, Dowling's and
Hodges' formidable skill and exquisite sensitivity bring new excitement and emotional
depth to these cherished American classics. The disk also includes Percy Grainger's
stirring 20-minute
Porgy and Bess Fantasy for Two Pianos.

In recent years, Dowling and Hodges' duo performances have become prominent and
popular highlights of ragtime and jazz music festivals across the United States. Their
virtuoso classical technique and extraordinary musicianship combine to create
spectacular, emotional moving, and memorable musical experiences for their
Recorded August 23-24, 2013 in Wright Recital Hall at the University of Baltimore.

Produced by Bryan Wright
Engineering and Mastering:  Bryan Wright
Studio Editing:  Dix Bruce

Pianos:  Steinway D #573010 and Steinway B #393905
Piano Technician:  Mary Schwendeman
Photos:  Bryan Wright
Cover and Booklet Design:  Bryan Wright

Special thanks to Michael & Penny Schwarz for their generous support.
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Frederick Hodges & Richard Dowling, duo-pianists